Wedding Advice: Tips for beautiful bridal prep photos

  1. […] Eleana got ready in the beautiful iconic bridal suite inside the Whitby Castle. Used the “board room” as the hair/makeup station and the bridal suite as the “photoshoot” location and kept in clutter-free. Learn how to prepare for getting ready photos […]

  2. […] wedding photographer is on their feet all day, from the snaps of the couple getting ready in the morning, through the ceremony, and often into the night as the reception plays out. […]

  3. […] your friend the extra help she needs by ensuring the area where the Getting-Ready photographs are going to be taken is uncluttered. If she’s brought special items that she wants to include in […]

  4. […] the board room next door and kept the bridal suite clutter free for the perfect bridal prep photos.Tips for beautiful bridal prep photos. While I photographed the bride’s journey, the 2nd photographer was with the groom and […]

  5. […] go in much detail for picture perfect bridal prep in this blog post. But the universal rules for picture-perfect preparation photos are as […]

  6. […] is a gorgeous hotel, The High Line Hotel. You will want to request one of their larger suites for perfect bridal prep photos. At Chelsea Square, they also have ample space for getting ready and epic photos can be taken in […]

  7. […] Picture perfect bridal prep photos […]

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