THE WOMAN WITH HANDHELD TIME MACHINES AND STANDING BY TO PREP, GUIDE AND CAPTURE YOUR SWEET MOMENTS just so you can relive feelings and memories with who you adore most.

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Life is a precious gift, and no one really knows when someone we love will no longer be present. Look, I know...It’s a sad thought, but it gives me purpose to gift you memories with those who matter most to you. It's why I was put on Earth - when you look at your photographs, you're going to feel their hug or hear the sound of their laugh or remember the way that they danced. There's nothing like a photograph that has a magical way of impacting emotions & bringing you back in time.

Story time:

My father has always believed in my passions, even before I took them seriously. Professional photography was no exception.

At the young age of 16, my dad saw my eyes light up from a cheap point and shoot camera. He could see how much fun I was having during my free time shooting, editing, and sharing pictures from family events & photoshoots of the kids I babysat
Eventually, my grandpa, who was also a wedding photographer, could tell that I was destined for his craft. At 17, they both encouraged me to pursue photography as my career and I landed my first paying job at a Wal-Mart's “Picture Me!” Portrait Studio. This is where I started to master the art of posing and working with all types of families, differing in both size & dynamics.

By my high school graduation, my grandpa gifted me one of the first-ever produced Nikon digital cameras and ever since I went H.A.M. learning from how-to YouTube tutorials, attending photography workshops, practicing with friends who were willing to model for me, and eventually I landed event photography gigs for a California Event Production Company. 

With the help of my boyfriend and dad, I finally had the guts to announce my business to the world in 2017.
Throughout my life, my father has always shown up as my biggest fan. Sadly, we have been living a plane ride apart since 2013. I see him maybe twice a year for special occasions and breaks my heart I can't always hug him.

And just like on your wedding day you’ll be surrounded by your VIPs & some of whom you’re unable to see as often as you’d like (like me & pops). Remember, there's nothing like a photograph that has a magical way of impacting emotions & bringing you back in time. Undoubtedly, my soul purpose is to capture your Sweet Moments.