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Planning a wedding is stressful enough. With me as your chill-"type A" sidekick, I am here to support you and make the experience extraordinary; from sending PDF preparation guides, wedding inspiration, wedding vendor recommendations, to creating a timeline that works with your dream wedding!

If I am not 15 minutes early, I am late

Your wedding day is the beginning of a new chapter in your love story. Your wedding photos gallery will be a large combination of both fine art photographs and storytelling candid moments.

Candid photos always had a great story behind them - and photography brings me a sense of purpose in life as I get to be the one to capture it so they can tell it.

Since I worked at a portrait studio for a few years, this is where I mastered the art of posing and working with all types of families, differing in both size and dynamics. As a matter of fact, the portrait studio skills continue to help me succeed at smooth and quick VIP portraits at weddings.

Let's talk about something that is extremely special to me - DADS. A dad is the prime role model on how a husband should treat their wife.

The daddy-daughter moments at weddings are iconic; from the first time he sees his little girl all grown up looking like a princess, then escorting you (his little girl) down the aisle, and hugging you so tightly during the first dance.

Don't look - but I will be weeping behind my camera as I snap away at these sentimental moments. 

Hi! Hi! I am Miranda Suess

"There is nothing like a photograph that has a magical way of impacting emotions & bringing you back in time." 

"Life is a precious gift, and no one really knows when someone we love will no longer be present."

Once Upon a Dream

My dad (my hero) always believed in my dreams, even before I took them seriously. Professional photography was no exception.

At just 17 years young, he made me believe I could do something I love and make memories for families and couples and still make living from it. As a result, I became the studio manager at only 18 due to my natural ability to exceed customer expectations with both my photography and people skills.

Suess is pronounced at "soooooos" - and no, I am not realted to the famous children's book author, Dr. Seuss ;)

My surname is German for "Sweet" and that's exactly what my business centers on as I document a couple's sweet moments with the sweetest customer relationships.


Dancing is therapy

I am late if I am not 15 min. early

It is, what it is. 

I like to break traditions and put my own creative twist on things - like photography, how many photographers do you know who can photoshop fine art? It's almost unheard of.

Age is just a number. We are all just kids who can now see over the counter;)

Nostalgia is sacred to me. I would lose my mind if someone burned my printed childhood kodak moments.

Disney continues to inspire my creativity and energy.

Stand out, break the rules, make own traditions

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- By Miranda Suess

waiting for the aisle

first look

outdoor ceremony

indoor ceremony

creative portraits

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