I am always inspired by the Disney Company. At one point, I even worked for WDW as a cast member.  

My first born fur baby, Melody, loves to watch me edit photos so much, I think I will train her how to one day.

My parents taught me what love is. It's always dating, compromise, trust, and communication.

Greg is part of the reason why I am a wedding photographer.
You may meet him as he assists me sometimes! <3

Marbles is the playful one. She reminds me how a youthful spirit never has to go away just because we age.

DJ plays Beyonce or Justin Bieber... I will wanna dance with somebody !

fun facts about miranda suess

I am very aware of my double chin and yours in photos. I will show tips on how to correct posture :)

Flowy skirts and textured fabrics are my go-to for photo sessions. Basically looking like a princess is goals.

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Planning a wedding is stressful enough. With me as your chill-"type A" sidekick, I am here to support you and make the experience extraordinary; from sending PDF preparation guides, wedding inspiration, wedding vendor recommendations, to creating a timeline that works with your dream wedding!

As I capture a wedding day, elopement or even portraits, I seriously consider that this could be the last photo you have with the person you're sharing the moments with. My job as your wedding photographer is to anticipate sweet moments, document it beautifully, and deliver quality photos you can feel. As a moment happens, people don't always remember it, but a photo can do something magical - like become an actual time machine and bring you back in time.

About Miranda, Your Photographer

"There is nothing like a photograph that has a magical way of impacting emotions & bringing you back in time." 

"Life is a precious gift, and no one really knows when someone we love will no longer be present."

Once Upon a Dream

Let's talk about somethings that are extremely special to me - my dad and old photos.

My dad (my hero) always believed in my dreams, even before I took them seriously. Professional photography was no exception.

At just 17 years young, he made me believe I had talent like his father, Grandpa Suess; that I could also make it as a career. As a result, I reluctantly listened to my dad. Within 6 months of working a portrait studio, I became a studio manager at only 18 due to my natural ability to exceed customer expectations with both my photography and people skills. 

Point is... my dad was right.

Suess is pronounced at "soos" - and no, I am not related to the famous children's book author, Dr. Seuss ;)

My surname is German for "Sweet" and that's exactly what my business centers on.

Like you, I have insecurities about my double chin, bad posture and when my tummy sticks out in photos. This makes me great at what I do (behind the camera) as I am aware of the things that matter to you in order to capture you looking your very best. 

One of my strengths is time management. I help my couples plan their wedding day with a stress-free timeline around photo sessions. 

My favorite wedding day moments to photograph:
bridal prep, first looks, romantic portraits, and wild dance parties

I will do anything to protect my old photographs. I remember the very moment when I knew I was obsessed with them. One day, my dad casually told me how he hired someone to clean out the attic. I requested, "please tell them not to throw out my memory box". He apologized, "I am so sorry Miranda, but I think it's gone." Immediately I was overwhelmed with sadness and couldn't stop my tears or catch my breath; I pleaded to the Universe that my photographs were safe!! (I know, this sounds so dramatic. But you have to understand, my heart cracked, then sank to my butt...)

Good news, within minutes later my dad got a confirmation that my memory box was NOT tossed!!! OMG!?! That moment was so intense...that's the story how I knew how much I valued photographs and what my purpose is in life. 

I am passionate in capturing sweet moments that people can feel, tell a story and relive all over again.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. "
- Dr. Seuss

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