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Going into the unknown of planning a wedding is stressful enough. With me as your "type A" sidekick, I am here to support you and make the experience extraordinary; from sending PDF preparation guides, wedding inspiration, wedding vendor recommendations, creating a timeline that works with your wedding day dream.

If I am not 15 minutes early, I am late

Growing up, my friends not only called me the "mom" of the group since I took care of them, being the one who often volunteered to be D.D. as their safety was a priority; but also the "photographer" friend who would take pictures of them. They trusted that I would touch up hair/make-up and give them great posing advice. I didn't just take one photo, I took multiple in different poses and face expressions. It always made me happy to see them glued to their phone with a surprise on their face and hear, "OMG! I love these photos!". Hence why I took the time to pay attention to detail and knew what would make them feel as confident as Beyonce.

Life is a precious gift, and no one really knows when someone we love will no longer be present.

Since I worked at a portrait studio for a few years, this is where I started to master the art of posing and working with all types of families, differing in both size and dynamics. As a matter of fact, the portrait studio skills continue to help me succeed at smooth and quick VIP portraits at weddings.

On your wedding day, you will be showered with love from all the people who matter most to you. It's just as important to me as it is to you that I freeze sweet moments in time of you with your VIPs so that you can remember exactly what the moment was like (as if your photographs were a time machine).

There is nothing like a photograph that has a magical way of impacting emotions & bringing you back in time. 

I grew up in high school being that girl with a camera at family/friend parties taking candid photos because I loved capturing the moments and showing people how beautiful they looked while laughing and smiling. In my free time, I used to organize photo shoots of the kids I babysat and high school friends just so I can fuel my imagination, inspiration and creative drive.

My dad (who I am very close with) always believed in my dreams, even before I took them seriously. Professional photography was no exception. He is the reason why I believed that I could apply to the local portrait studio at just 17 years young.  As a result, I became the studio manager at only 18 due to my natural ability to exceed customer expectations with both my photography and people skills.

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