My last name, Suess, it's pronounced as "soos" - and no, I am not related to the famous children's book author Dr. Seuss ;)

My surname is Swiss-German for "Sweet," and that's exactly what my business centers on - capturing your sweet moments.

Why did you name your business suess moments?

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     feel incredibly lucky to have my job as a wedding photographer. Although based in New Jersey, I do travel to photograph destination weddings. It's a privilege to be a part of a couple's special day and capture their happiest moments as they celebrate with their loved ones. Every wedding is an exciting unique opportunity - always something fresh, making couples (even awkward ones!) feel comfortable in front of the camera, getting to travel to new and familiar places, learning what's important to them, and documenting their dream wedding the way they want to remember it. 

I completely understand how challenging it can be to choose the perfect wedding photographer with so many talented options out there. When you work with me, you're working with a photographer who truly values what matters to you and how you want to remember and feel on your wedding day.

Before making a decision, please glance through my wedding, engagement and magical night time portfolio to see if it suits your style. Do the photos convey genuine emotions? Do you like the way I edit? Are you ready to be treated like royalty?

I can't wait to meet you.

Miranda Suess is the owner and lead photographer of Suess Moments Photography llc.


During a time when I was working two to three jobs at once, I was feeling unsure about my career path, someone special stepped in to offer guidance and support. It was my boyfriend at the time. With his help, I found my true calling as a wedding photographer. It all started with an opportunity to shoot an intimate wedding for one of his cousins. As I worked on editing those pictures, I realized how much I loved the process. That's when he noticed my talent and potential. While I had received compliments on my photography skills before, it was his suggestion to start a business that really pushed me to take things seriously. In 2018, I began doing photography as a side hustle, and thanks to his encouragement and unwavering support being my assistant, I was able to turn a passion into a full-time wedding photography career in 2020.



It's amazing how much of a difference a parent's support can make in our lives. I was hesitant about pursuing a career in professional photography, but my dad was always there to boost my confidence and see potential in me that I couldn't quite see myself. I'm so grateful for his encouragement, which helped me land a job at a portrait studio and eventually become a studio manager by the age of 18. It was a challenging journey, but my boss and customers were always impressed by my photography skills and getting people to feel at ease. When I graduated in 2009, my Grandpa, who was a professional wedding photographer, gifted me my first professional DSLR camera, which opened up even more opportunities for me. Looking back, I feel so fortunate to have had my dad's unwavering support and guidance to help me become the successful photographer I am today.

Best dad ever.

nce upon a time

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If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!!! Miranda is by far the best photographer. She is so bubbly and makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera! She will literally tell you how to pose, where to stand, where to look, she does it all!!!!!! She gets the trendy and fun photos, but also the traditional photos. She is so talented and creative. She sent us 250 photos for a SNEAK PEAK!!!! ‘Most photographers sent maybe 20 for a sneak peak, and she sent them only 48 hours later!!!!!! Insane turn around and amazing quality work. Miranda created the entire timeline for my wedding starting when hair and makeup needed to start, she included 5-10 minutes extra to ensure we stayed on time. I didn’t feel a single ounce of stress because I knew she had it under control. I wound up having an extra 45 mins before the ceremony to just relax! She even took the time to do individual portraits for my bridesmaids!!!! I simply cannot say enough about Miranda. We are truly so grateful for her because our dream wedding turned out to well because of her and now we have amazing photos to remember! - Sarah