Advanced Skin Blemish Retouching

Magical Photoshop Editing

Advanced Distraction Cleanup

Part of my job as a professional wedding photographer is that I have to retouch and edit your photographs. Close up portraiture typically needs skin retouching to remove skin blemishes like acne, unwanted wrinkles and scars. Magical photoshop editing and background distractions may result in an additional fee. Depending on the extent of the requests. Minor request to one image usually is no fee, but multiple requests to many images can result in a fee of $30 + per image.

See examples below of photo retouching and editing I have delivered  to past clients. 

the photography process

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Out of all the vendors, a wedding photographer will be the one with the couple the most. Heck! Even more than their own parents!

It's important to me that I vibe with you. After all, you want authentic images. In order to get authenticity, you have have to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in the most intimate and emotional moments. This includes booty grabs ;)

Let's start with a discovery call to find out if we vibe.


Do we vibe?

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Engagement Photos

1. Confirm your legal contact info, venue addresses, date, and photography collection you dream of

2. E-sign the agreement and process retainer payment to secure photography services

3. SAVE THE DATE, because it's official!
I am part of your world!!


Easy Peasy Booking

Step two

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It's probably your first photoshoot as a couple and feelings are mixed with nerves and excitement!

Before the session, I send guides so you're prepared, discover what you like, and help with styling outfits. 

During the session, my goal is for you to feel comfortable enough being yourselves as if I wasn't there. Expect your favorite tunes and guidance on how to pose. 

Changing into a second outfit comes easy as I can bring a tent pop up so you can virtually change in privacy anywhere!

Engagement Photos

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next step: your Wedding Day experience

It's 60 days away from the wedding day of your dreams, you're about to marry your bestie, while surrounded by all your VIPs. 

Grab two glasses of wine and schedule a date night; it's time to answer the deep dive questionnaire. Your answers will lead to a list of all the things and people you want to remember ten years from now. Based on your answers, I create a personalized shot list, learn the vital information of wedding day contacts and finalize your wedding photography timeline.

Check out the timeline breakdown here

Deep Dive Questionnaire

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Where your "Once upon a time" love story begins. I believe in documenting a full wedding day, so you have a story to tell when you look back. Photos you can feel and relive the magic from the sweet moments at your wedding. Every wedding I document is for a minimum of 8.5 hours, starting with the getting ready moments with the bride. 

Some of the most iconic wedding portraits to capture are the glamorous bridal portraits, emotional first looks, the reception candids, and getting creative at night photography! 

Wedding Day!!

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Step fIVE

start over

After your wedding day is over, expect a surprise sneak peek within 72 hours. You will be able to immediately announce and share wedding day moments on social media you adore.

Within 6 weeks, over 500 storytelling retouched images will be accessible for free download. Share the online gallery with your wedding guests so they can favorite memories, download for social media and order prints too!

Soon after your online wedding gallery is delivered, 
you have the option to order prints OR an album

Wedding album pricing here

Photo Editing and Fine Art

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When figuring out our wedding budget, we both knew that the photographer was the #1 priority for us and said so to our phenomenal wedding planner (EventsbyJesse). We wanted a photographer whose photos bursted with life and felt like a disney movie, so that when we looked at any photo for our big day we would instantly be brought back with just a glance. After the first meeting with Miranda, we both said we are in love and need her to be part of our special day.

We asked Miranda to do both our engagement photos and wedding photos, we felt taken care of every step of the way. Miranda is incredibly organized and detail oriented with a clear timeline ensuring all you have to do is have fun. She takes time to get to know you. My partner and I are self conscious with our looks and Miranda creates an environment that brings out all the best sides of you in the photo. During the wedding day it can get stressful quickly but having Miranda with us felt like having a friend you’ve known for years by your side. We had an ambitious wedding plan with 3 outfit changes to represent different aspects of our cultures and Miranda’s execution was flawless.

In talking with people who’ve had their wedding day, the #1 regret we’ve heard from most people is that they should have invested more in photography. Don’t let this happen to you! Truly just knowing Miranda will make your life better. We love Miranda and want her to be a part of all of our special moments! Her talent truly shows in her incredible portfolio. Hire her ASAP! - Jackie & Rayan

Contact Miranda

You will get a response within 3 business days via text or email -

but if you don't like waiting,
shoot me a text
right now 623 688 4894

Miranda Suess

After looking through everything in my Portfolio, scrolled through the Experience and Pricing page, send me an inquiry and tell me everything I about your love story!