Each wedding day will get at least one complimentary magical fine art photo if requested in advance! Additional fine art edits may cost $30-$175/image fee. Depends on the Photoshop skill required to achieve the dream you have. 

The editing process does involve a little pixie dust, trust, time, and expert Photoshop skills ;)


For magical, fine art photography to look the most epic, we must think creatively and plan accordingly. The scene is typically indoors or after sunset, and anything is possible! Please have patience a in low light setting. Cameras need careful attention to detail to focus on dark subjects. Shots can take 5-15 minutes. I want you to get the most out of "anything being possible."

Time management

A recipe for magical, fine art photography can only be good if I get your trust and have handy-dandy special effect lighting! I have some tricks up my sleeve, with props like fog, fairy lights, sparklers, colorful lighting, battery-operated lamps, spot lighting, backlighting, and more! Do you have something that lights up and you are drawn to? Bring it to the shoot! Let's play!

Special effects

See my magical, fine art photography portfolio below for inspirational ideas for your upcoming photo session. If you don't see something but have an idea - GREAT! Please share it with me in advance so I can collaborate & make your dreams come true!

Get inspired

What is magical fine art photography?