Suess Moments' magical photography style is inspired by Disney princess movie classics and Thomas Kinkade paintings

inspired by

Walt Disney

Wedding couples can request at least one free magical photo if they inform us beforehand. However, any additional fine art edits may cost between $30-$175 per image depending on the complexity of the Photoshop skills required to achieve your desired outcome. It's worth noting that the editing process does involve a bit of pixie dust.


To capture the most epic magical photographs, creativity and planning are key. These photos are typically taken at night or in low light settings, so it's important to be patient as the camera needs time to focus on dark subjects. To get the best results, plan on spending about 10 minutes setting up and capturing each magical photo.

Time management

For amazing photography, trust in my special effect lighting! I have several tricks up my sleeve, including the use of fog, fairy lights, sparklers, colorful lighting, battery-operated lamps, spotlights, backlighting, and more. Do you have something that lights up and you love? Let's experiment!

Special effects

If you have something specific in mind that you don't see here, don't worry! Feel free to share your idea with me ahead of time so that we can work together to bring your vision to life.

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