• A beautifully designed month by month checklist for your phone background

• 12-page guide for: 12 Months, 10.5 Months, 8.5 Months, 6.5 Months, 5.5 Months, 3 Months, 2 Months, 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 1 Week, Day before, and Post wedding

• Pro tips to be even more organized like creating a budgeting spreadsheet, a custom email for both you and your fiance, and more surprises!

What's included in this guide?

To help begin making your dream wedding come to life, 
I created the perfect checklist to guide you through the mysterious process that way you're able to enjoy each step, stress less, have fun, and, more importantly, treasure this time together! 


• A printable pdf so you have the satisfaction of checking off the month by month checklist 


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I am obsessed with lists and sticky notes because I not only do I love the satisfaction of crossing things off once I complete them, but also because I have a pretty bad memory, so being organized makes life a bit more pleasant.

In high school, my friends called me the "mom" of the group since I took care of them as I was the one who often volunteered to be D.D. Equally as important, I was also the "photographer" friend who would take pictures of them. They trusted that I would touch up hair/make-up and give them excellent posing advice. I didn't just take one photo; I took multiple in different poses and facial expressions. It always made me happy to see them glued to their phone with a surprise on their face and hear, "OMG! I love these photos!". Hence why I took the time to pay attention to detail and knew what would make them feel as confident as Beyonce.


Meet Miranda Suess

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My wife and I were lucky enough to have Miranda capture the greatest day in our lives. And all thanks to her, we are now able to relive that day with the most amazing wedding photos We have seen. Miranda was incredible through the entire process. From the start she was in constant contact with us. Making sure she had every bit of info that she needed to give us everything we wanted. And oh my, did she deliver! We filled out her questionnaire, letting her know what our likes, dislikes, wants and needs were. This, in turn, allowed our beautiful day to go incredibly smooth because Miranda was as prepared as possible. We knew we were in incredible hands. The pictures..... Oh My Goodness! Miranda’s eye for photos, outstanding! We got our sneak peak photos back and my wife’s face was glued to her phone screen for about 72 straight hours.

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We knew where we wanted our ceremony, but we were still new to New York City. Miranda really went above and beyond to help us choose locations for our group and couple photos, and she helped us work out our timeline. She knew all of the hidden gems around DUMBO, and we had a blast exploring our neighborhood. Our evening schedule was perfectly timed with golden hour and the sunset with the city in the background. As someone who is generally uncomfortable getting their photo taken, Miranda had us relaxed and laughing the whole time. Not only did she help us relax and have fun, but she really captured the essence of that day. I look at the photos now, and I can remember exactly what that moment was like. She did such a great job capturing the goofiness of my husband and his friends. Plus the moments with us and our dog are just perfect. Miranda got every crazy, adorable, face that our dog makes, and her little puppy dress!



Miranda took the time to get to know us before our wedding day by meeting us on Skype. She went above and beyond to make sure that every single shot we were interested in having for our wedding day was captured. She was organized, ready, and prepared, and kept the bridal party and family photos running smoothly and quickly so that we were able to spend time enjoying our day! Miranda was so talented and professional, especially when capturing candid moments, and throughout the ceremony, we didn’t even know she was there taking pictures, but she was able to capture the moment perfectly! We were beyond excited to view some pictures and she was able to send us some sneak peaks (about 30 pictures) the day after our wedding that were edited and so professional! We then received the rest of our photos less than 2 weeks after our wedding day, and
we absolutely LOVE them. 

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