Wedding Photographer Questions: FAQ

November 25, 2019

FAQ : Suess Moments Wedding Photography

These are a collection of frequently asked questions from past wedding and engagement Suess Moments clients

close up details on bride dress and ring

What equipment are you using and how are you backing up our photos? 

  • For equipment: I always shoot with 2 professional Nikon cameras. I have multiple flashes for low light scenarios and sometimes bring along props to make your photos a little more creative than usual.
  • For backing up photos: It’s a combination of dual slot cameras that backup photos to two different sd cards & two cameras in case one unexpectedly shuts down. I also upload images to an external drive, a cloud drive, and a software on my computer that actively runs backups for all files on my computers in case they crash. 

Do I get digital files?

  • Yes – plus they’re all edited! Both in high resolution, perfect for print, and social size, ideal for social media posts. They are also easy to share via email without sacrificing quality.

Do you use a second shooter on wedding days?

  • Of course! Having a second shooter for a wedding is so important for a bunch of reasons. For example:
  • Insurance in case main photographer’s equipment is experiencing technical difficulties. We also need bathroom breaks & don’t want to miss any moments.
  • Other perspectives since main photographer can’t be in two places at once
  • It’s your fiance’s day too! One shooter focuses on your getting ready moments & reaction from the first look while another shooter is key to focusing on the other.
  • Second shooter will result in more photos. More photos = more memories = more to love!
  • “I wish I didn’t book a 2nd shooter for my wedding” – said no one ever.

That being said, you can request to only have a second shooter for part of the day to save some money. This ties in to making it work for you financially!

Do you offer payment plans?

  • Absolutely. I ask for 40% up front to secure the services on your date. The remaining 60% can be broken towards the wedding date or shortly thereafter. Keep in mind, if you choose to complete your final payment after the wedding, that will result in delayed photo delivery and additional interest charges. Either way, we will make it work for your financial needs.

Do you have a backup plan in case you get sick?

  • I have a network of hundreds of photographers who are willing and qualified to pick up any wedding photography jobs in case I cannot physically make it to your wedding day (knock on wood). This is another reason why I emphasize the importance of having a second shooter.

What makes you different than most photographers?

  • I am a time management PRO. Crafting timelines that work, are realistic, and take potential (sometimes inevitable) speed bumps into account is so important so you can stay calm and have fun regardless of what happens on your wedding day.  Due to my extensive experience in all types of weddings, trust me, I know what can happen and how to account for it. I do not mind sharing a sample timeline for free – email me meow if you want one!  However, please note that I am not a wedding coordinator or planner – you should still definitely considering hiring one to manage the timeline day of 🙂
  • Another thing that makes me different in my specialization and love for taking photographs with a magical twist – I bring sparklers and fairylights at no extra cost to you. You can see some of these sample shots on my instagram – just please let me know beforehand if you want these types of photos so I can bring the necessary equipment!

Are you insured?

Yup. I don’t work without it.

Will you be offended if I share inspiration from pinterest?

  • Nope. Please do! The more examples you share with me, the better I’ll be able to recapture that essence for you as well. I love all the inspiration you can give me. Shoot me a text in advance with any screenshots if you have them. If you don’t, that’s okay too 🙂

Do you photograph portraits, boudoir shoots, and events?

  • I absolutely do – whether it’s to spice up your Instagram/LinkedIn profile, a photographic gift for your future or current love of you in your birthday suit/favorite lingerie, or any celebration with friends and family – I’m up for it. The only type of shoots I am not comfortable shooting are newborns. I can recommend some newborn pros though!

Do you have a shot list?

  • I follow a shot list on your wedding day and use my natural creative ability to capture shots that I’m inspired to along with ones that matter most to you (why sample shots from Pinterest are great!) Before your wedding, I send you a very detailed questionnaire so I can get an idea of what moments are important to you and use that data to create an ideal timeline for your dreamy wedding day.

Can you change you photo editing style for our wedding?

  • After you complete the wedding questionnaire, I’ll have an idea of whether you prefer moody shots or ones that are bright/colorful. I will get the vibe of your wedding and will edit based on your style. Since you get sneak peeks within a week after your wedding day, you can see if you like the first round of edits and we can adjust from there.

Would you travel to my destination wedding?

  • YES PLEASE. These are my favorite types of weddings and since I love them so much I will give you the best discount around!

Where are you located?

  • Brooklyn, NY – I have a vehicle & multiple airports nearby to get to wherever you are (teleportation is still in the works)

Do you provide video coverage?

  • Not at this point in time,  but I can HIGHLY recommend you to the best in New York area! Most brides can spend anywhere from $2500-$7000 for their own wedding movie. Check out my preferred vendor list here 

When do we see the pictures?

  • I take pride in my speedy turnaround times! Most photographers take 2-4 months to get your photos out to you. My sneak peeks are delivered within the first 7 days of the event and the best moments are fully edited within 6 weeks. There will be a digital online gallery that’s access for you and your friends/family for 60 days. You’ll have unlimited access to download images in high res/social size for FREE. You also have the option to order guaranteed acid-free (long lasting) prints in the online gallery store too!

How many images do we get?

  • I aim to shoot at least 60 good ones per hour. With a second shooter – even more! I can’t guarantee 60/hr, but it’s a good estimate based on my track record.

What can we expect on the wedding day?

  • You won’t get any headaches from me. I show up early. I’ll introduce myself to your wedding party and VIPs so people are comfortable around me and the camera. I have a timeline and shotlist with me so I don’t miss a moment you want to be remembered. I shoot candidly so shots don’t look too staged. I will guide you and make sure you are captured at your best angles. I will keep your train fluffed and hair out of your face. I’ll be looking out for smudged makeup and false lashes falling off the eyes, directing hands to be perfectly placed to show off the rings, and reminding you to suck in and keep chest out. I will most likely have an assistant with me to be my extra pair of eyes, ears and hands too!

Will you be there for the entire day?

  • If you want me to be- ab-so-freakin-lutely. I’d be honored.

What should I wear to my engagement shoot?

  • Great question! Show off the things you love about yourself – and if you’re into the romantic vibes – I highly recommend flowy chiffon or tulle gowns. More info on what to wear and how to prepare here

Can I bring my fur baby for photos?

  • How do I say “duh” nicely? Haha! There are conditions though, I will need to hire an assistant for pup handing or you can bring a friend to help take care of your fur baby when they’re not in photos. I’d feel too guilty to tie your pet to a tree or risk him/her running away. If you’re planning to bring your puppy to a wedding, check out Pawfect for You

Will you visit our venue before our wedding day?

  • I’d prefer that, and if we can go together, that’d be a major bonus! (we could even sneak in a mini shoot while we are there hehe) If I can’t make it before the wedding day, I always plan to show up about 1-2 hours prior to my scheduled start time to meet with the venue management and tour for all the best spots for photographic moments and get an idea of where the party is happening.

Can you share a full wedding gallery you delivered recently?

  • Indeed. Shoot me an email MIRANDA@SUESSMOMENTS.COM about your wedding venue/vibe and I can share a similar gallery to your style.

What’s considered an edited image?

  • Want to forget the breakout on your face? I got you! I will carefully go through all your best images and remove blemishes to smooth out your skin to show off your natural beauty. This is for no additional charge. Advanced photoshop editing such as people removal, face swap, removing background distractions and any body manipulation results in an additional charge by a photoshop pro at approx $15-$40/image depending on the edit request(s).

Why are wedding photographers so expensive?

  • As a wedding photographer, I fell in love with the art because of my passion for photography and joy from working with couples. This is about you & your memories. My livelihood depends on clients who trust me and allow me to give them a gift that is invaluable. The investment made in an experienced photographer goes towards a human life – bills that keep a roof over our head, along with standard business expenses (dang taxes – buh bye 25-30% of each sale), reliable transportation, retirement plan (i want to be able to do this for as long as I physically can), fur babies health, my personal health care, my accountant and other specialized services that help me as an entrepreneur. Not to mention, the countless hours of post production that involves uploading images, culling images, editing images, downloading images, and blogging them. I’ve been shooting with a camera since 2009 and perfecting my craft in wedding photography since 2017. I have over 60 reviews from happy couples all of 5 star ratings. I’ve been published on blogs and print media.

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