Destination Wedding Photography at Catalina Island: Destination Wedding Photography on Catalina Island

December 3, 2019

Destination Wedding Photography at Catalina Island coming from New York was by far the most epic wedding of the year! Why? It was pirate themed and EVERYONE came dressed up because it was a weekend festival on Avalon (side of island) called Buccaneer Days! They only had their destination wedding ceremony on Catalina Island to celebrate with close friends and family in United States and then went to Brazil (where the bride is from) for their wedding to celebrate the traditional way. Photography was their number one priority as a vendor – they DIY everything else from decorations and installs.

Behind the Scenes



The Details

The bride and groom arrived in their yacht to Buccaneer Days festival on Catalina Island one day before their destination wedding – they had reserved a few cabanas for their destination wedding ceremony and transported all their custom decorations, champagne, and even the cake via boat! Over 50 guests attended the magical ceremony and fun weekend. The couple even had a custom logo made for their wedding day which was imprinted on their wedding cake 🙂 They had me and my photography assistant stay on the island on the campgrounds – it was adventurous!

Before Walking Down the Aisle Moments

Wedding guests came from all parts of the United States and even Brazil came to Catalina Island , Buccaneer Days, dressed as pirates for their destination wedding!

The Destination Wedding Ceremony on Catalina Island

The Catalina Island Buccaneer Days Wedding Ceremony was very theatrical using pirate terms such as “ARGH” “SCALLY WAGS” “MATE” etc… there was even a part when the groom cut his hand and fake blood dripped for the scene haha.

VIP Wedding Photography and a Little More

Costume Contest on Catalina Island

There were a ton of people at Buccaneer Days Catalina Island dressed in festive and hilarious punny costumes! The bride and groom won by the loudest vote from the audience! The prize? A mug lol


Formal Wedding Photography at Catalina Island

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